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Did you know: Over 25,000 bacteria per square inch cover household items like faucets, doorknobs and handles, computer keyboards, cell phones? That's dirtier than the average toilet... Bacteria can also stay on your clothing and bottoms of your shoes for up to 5 days?

Say hello to Heygienic's portable, foldable UV Sterilize Wand that you can take anywhere you go. Sterilize things ar your office, in your car and in your home

Before and After using our UV-C Sterilizing Wand on bacteria


  • Powerful ultraviolet rays are used to remove bacteria on any surface
  • Our lightweight flip design saves space and is portable for on the go
  • Operation is simple, just press the switch button to turn on the UV-C lighting power supply and start sterilizing
  • With the built-in automatic safety switch, when the lamp tube of the sterilization rod faces upwards in the working state, the ultraviolet lamp will automatically turn off. To restore the working state, simply rotate the lamp of the sterilization rod so that it faces downward.
  • Heygienic wand can supply power via USB connection, and also supports 4 AAA batteries (not included).
  • Suitable for home, office, car, travel, easy to carry and use

Keep your family safe from unwanted bacteria 



• UV-C Lamp: 2W Lamp.

• Bulb Life:10000hrs. 

• UV Wavelength: UV-C (253.7nm).

• Battery: 4x AAA/6V (excluding the batteries) .

• Power Supply: 5V/ 500mA (USB Cable).

•Certificate(s): CE, FCC, RoHS, Lab Test Report.